Vancouver couple find stolen wedding dress with help of police and ‘incredible’ stroke of luck

Vancouver couple finds stolen wedding dress
A Vancouver husband and wife recovered her wedding dress two days after it was stolen, in a coincidence that almost defies imagination. Catherine Urquhart reports.

You know the old saying about weddings: Something old, something new, something stolen, then returned by officers in blue.

A Vancouver man is thanking Vancouver police for recovering his wife’s wedding dress, which was stolen from his car over the weekend, months after the couple’s summer wedding.

Matt Dolan says he had parked his vehicle at a secured parking lot downtown after deciding not to drive Friday night. He forgot his wife Maryam Massah’s $5,000 wedding dress was sitting in a box in the backseat.

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When he returned on Sunday the window was smashed and the box with the dress was gone.

The couple searched online and called pawn shops, but had no luck.

As a last resort, they decided to walk down Hastings Street on Sunday in the hopes of spotting it.

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Dolan spotted a police car and tapped on the window. He asked officers to keep an eye out for the missing dress.

“I turned around, I took five steps forward and within five steps, a guy pops out of nowhere and walks right past us with the wedding dress, carrying the box.”

According to Massah, Dolan then “looks back at the cops and he’s like, ‘that’s it.’ Everyone was shocked.”

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Police quickly retrieved the dress and made an arrest.

I’ve been in policing for 12 years now and nothing like this has ever happened to me before,” Const. Lee Marten said. “So it’s a it’s a true case of being in the right place at the right time.”

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She said she is deeply grateful to Vancouver police for their help. The only person who may be more grateful is Dolan.

“This has definitely gotten me out of the doghouse,” he said.

“I will never leave anything in the car again.”