City committee to hold public meeting on naming of East London community centre

A July 2019 photograph depicts the east facade at the north entry of the upcoming community centre. Maclennan Jaunkalns Miller / City of London

A new community centre coming to east London will be equipped with an aquatics hall, a gymnasium and a multicoloured facade on its exterior.

The only thing that’s missing? A name.

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On Tuesday afternoon, London’s community and protective services committee will hold a public participation meeting to name the facility that’s coming to Wavell Street beside East Lions Park.

A report from city staff indicates the project’s current name, the East Community Centre, has created confusion in the community with the existing East London Library and the nearby East London Planning District.

The upcoming facility will be located in the Argyle district, but city staff had advised against using Argyle in the centre’s name to avoid confusion with the existing Argyle Arena.

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City staff have proposed the name The Community Centre on Wavell, which is intended to reflect the centre’s location.

Another benefit, city staff said, is the proposed name’s ability to add a potential sponsor, allowing the name to change to The [sponsor name] Community Centre on Wavell.

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Ward 2 Coun. Shawn Lewis, who sits on the community and protective services committee, has been seeking Londoner feedback on a name that moves away from the current project name of East Community Centre.

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“What is East London? Is it everything east of Adelaide? Does it include Huron Heights and Summerside?” Lewis said.

“It doesn’t really describe the neighbourhood, it doesn’t give that character and flavour.”

Lewis added that East Lions Community Centre has become an early front runner in name suggestions ahead of Tuesday’s public participation meeting.

“It reflects the fact that its in East Lions Park … Argyle Community Centre is [also] a popular choice,” Lewis said.

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Twenty written submissions, all packed with name suggestions, have already been added to the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting at city hall.

The committee will begin taking public feedback no earlier than 4:15 p.m.

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