Biggest storm of the season hits Winnipeg to make September even wetter

Winnipeg roads flood during severe thunderstorm
Some clips of the rain and flooding roads Friday during a downpour in Winnipeg.

September has been a soaker already and the rain from Friday morning adds up to be the biggest rainfall event of the season and by the end of the day will put September 2019 in the Top 5 rainiest Septembers on record for the city of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg’s rain through the month of September 2019, up to Sept. 20.
Winnipeg’s rain through the month of September 2019, up to Sept. 20. Global News

While rain and thunderstorms were a potential Friday morning, the rainfall accumulation was higher than what most rainfall models were predicting.

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Here are the rainfall totals were given by Environment and Climate Change Canada as of 12:08 P.M. on Sept. 20.

  • WINNIPEG: 30-60
  • MORRIS: 59
  • ELIE: 55
  • BRUNKILD: 44
  • ALTONA: 44
  • ZHODA: 41
  • DUGALD: 40
  • STARBUCK: 40
  • ROSA: 35
  • MARCHAND: 33
  • KANE: 33
  • GUNN LAKE: 32
  • ELM CREEK: 30
  • BRANDON: 25-30

When you add 60 mm of rain to the 69.1 mm already registered, it lands this month with the list of top 5 rainiest on record (since 1872) in Winnipeg.

With more rain in the forecast Friday and Saturday, 2019 looks like it will land on this list by the first day of fall.

Statistics from Environment and Climate Change Canada.
Statistics from Environment and Climate Change Canada. Global News

Friday, Sept 20 is also the biggest rainfall event of the summer. The biggest rain event to this point in 2019 was July 9,10 where 56.6 mm of rain fell.

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September is typically a drier month. Of the summer months or months that typically see more rain than snow, only October gets less rain than this month.

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Rainfall totals from the summer months were 25 mm in June, 87.9 mm in July, and 65.5 mm in August.

Looking ahead, significant rainfall is likely again Friday night with local forecasts saying 50 mm more rain is possible with thunderstorm activity. Saturday is less likely to have severe weather but Saturday night will be rainy once again.