Top health and lifestyle apps

In this morning’s GlobalTV Monday Morning News I showed some favourite health and lifestyle apps I have been running on today’s most popular smartphones.

-Thermo for Galaxy S4 $1.00 measures current temperature and humidity, something only the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone can do. It records a log of its readings over time or plots a graph for you. You can also automatically post your readings on Facebook.

-Anti Mosquito for the BlackBerry 10 $1.00 generates up to five high frequency sounds from 12K, 14K, 16K, 18K and 20K at low volume but enough to keep those pesky bugs at bay. You can set a timer or simply turn it on. I tried it several time outside and noticed mosquitos close to it fly away and while outside my porch early evenings for about 30 minutes, sitting still I was bite-free, although bugs did wonder by. Amazing.

-HeartrateMeter for the BlackBerry 10 $1.00 measures your heart rate by measuring the slight changes on the skin of your finger when it covers the phone lens. It amazingly accurate to a few beats per second but the trick is to get the right finger pressure on the camera lens.

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Steve Makris, Supplied

-Sleep Cycle for iPhone comes in several variations and competitors, some of which are free. It measures your bed movements while you sleep by tucking the phone under your pillow. The app translates the phone’s accelerometer information calculating deep sleep, shallow sleep and awake cycles. When set to alarm, will wake you up, up to 30 minutes (adjustable) before your set alarm time. But it will do so at your shallowest sleep phase making you feel rested. Also available for Android.

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