Winnipeg UFOlogist says unexplained U.S. Navy videos don’t necessarily imply aliens

UFOs in Canada
Chris Rutkowski, Canada's foremost UFO expert. John Woods / The Canadian Press / File

A Winnipeg UFO expert says he’s not jumping to conclusions about a series of leaked videos the U.S. Navy has called “unexplained aerial phenomenon.”

Chris Rutkowski of the Canadian UFO Report told 680 CJOB the videos – apparently filmed in 2004, with a second clip taken in 2015 – show some unusual activity, but says he’s waiting to see if all other possibilities are ruled out before jumping on any kind of alien explanation.

“They’re interesting videos taken from the nose cameras of some fighter jets, and they do show some odd blobs of light moving around a little bit and zipping along,” said Rutkowski.

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“They’re puzzling, and I guess they’re puzzling also to the navy to a certain extent.”

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The reason the term unexplained aerial phenomenon is being used, he said, is because although ‘UFO’ is better-known, it brings with it certain connotations – usually involving little green men.

The fact that a branch of the American military is calling the lights ‘unexplained’, however, is a bit of a surprise, he said.

“The navy and air force and army are the ones that protect us – the same can be said about the Canadian forces – but for a military unit to say they don’t know is very, very bad PR.

“You want to get some answers – you want to know you’re actually safe and there’s not going to be any further incursions.

“Something was zipping around these navy ships, and they’re not quite sure what they were. They did rule out a few things, and they don’t want to jump to the possibility of aliens, necessarily.”

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The U.S. Navy has confirmed the videos are real, but has not officially speculated on what the unexplained lights might be.

Rutkowski said some logical explanations might be a military exercise from another country, or the possibility that another branch of the American military was performing some kind of drill in the same area without first coordinating with the navy.

“We know there are some cases where one branch of the military doesn’t tell the other what’s going on,” he said.

“Rather than jumping to the possibility that these are the grey guys, I’m saying let’s wait back and see how this all shakes out.”