UPDATE: Kelowna rescue team called to Canyon Falls Park

Two hikers, dog rescued from Canyon Falls Park in Kelowna
Members of the Kelowna Fire Department’s high-angle rescue team rescued two hikers and a dog from Canyon Falls Park on Tuesday afternoon.

UPDATE: The two people rescued from Canyon Falls Park were a mother and a daughter, who got stuck in  rugged terrain.

“We were hiking the creek and my daughter was in the creek with the dog (Revy), and I decided I would hike up,” said the mother, Sandi, who only gave her first name.

“I assumed the road was closer and the rescue [crews] said we were about half way. And there was no place I could get my footing.”

Sandi added she couldn’t go up or down and that she had a branch to hang onto. Her daughter, Aleena McKinnon, climbed up and tried getting her mother out of the precarious scenario before calling 911.

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“It was so unstable, she couldn’t get me turned around and back down,” said Sandi, adding “I knew I was in good hands once these guys (rescue) got here.”

“My mom went up and she has a bad knee, so she couldn’t get back down,” said Aleena. “So I thought ‘OK, I’ll go up and I’ll get her.’ And then my dog went up higher (than my mom).

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“So I tried to get the dog and by the time I was sturdy with the dog, there was no getting out of there.”

WATCH BELOW (Aired Aug. 26, 2019): Coquitlam SAR save hiker and dog

Coquitlam SAR save hiker and dog
Coquitlam SAR save hiker and dog

Aleena said they started hiking around 10 a.m.

She added the lesson learned was “don’t go off the trail, stay on the path.”

Aleena laughed “if someone had told me this is how you call a bunch of hot guys to an area, I would have done it a long time ago.”

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Lessons from rescue of two small children on Burke Mountain
Lessons from rescue of two small children on Burke Mountain

Peter Stantic of the rescue team said a mom and a daughter were caught on a slippery edge and didn’t know where to go, so a rescue team was assembled. Seven team members were involved in the rescue.

“We had a bit of challenge,” said Stantic. “There’s not a lot of good, standing trees, so we had to use anchors.”

He added “we’ve had a few instances out of this canyon. This seems to be a very popular spot for hikers, and I’d just like to remind everyone that when they do go hiking, stick to the trails.”

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The Kelowna Fire Department has a rescue team at Canyon Falls Park, a popular site for hikers.

The fire department’s high-angle rescue squad is on site to facilitate the rescue of two hikers and a dog.

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Rescue crews told Global News that the two hikers got stuck while hiking. The two called 911 and stayed put until rescue crews arrived.

As of 2:30 p.m., one person and a dog had been rescued, with the third underway.