Halifax’s no-flyer bylaw is now in effect — here’s how it works

The new no-flyer bylaw is opt-in.
The new no-flyer bylaw is opt-in. Shelley Steeves/Global News

Halifax’s long-awaited no-flyer bylaw goes into effect on Wednesday.

Flyers that are unwanted or improperly delivered have become a nuisance and a waste of resources, according to the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and the new bylaw is aimed at tackling that issue. 

Under the new bylaw, letting businesses know that you don’t want flyers can be as simple as printing out a sign and posting it in a visible location on your property.

Here’s how it works and what you need to know.

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How does it work?

The new no-flyer bylaw is opt-in, meaning that by default Haligonians will continue to receive flyers unless they choose to take part in the program.

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There are a few ways citizens can use the new no-flyers bylaw to prevent the delivery of the flyers.

One option is to contact the Saltwire Network or The Chronicle Herald — the primary distributors of door-to-door flyers in the HRM — at 902-426-3031 or 1-800-565-3339 and let them know you no longer wish to receive the materials they deliver. 

The other option is to print and post a no-flyers sign on your property. Stickers are also available free of charge at the following recreation centres:

  • Captain William Spry
  • Citadel Community Centre
  • Findlay Community Centre
  • Tallahassee Community Centre
  • Cole Harbour Recreation Centre
  • North Preston Community Centre
  • Lakeside Community Centre
  • LeBrun Centre
  • Gordon R Snow Recreation Centre
  • Musquodoboit Valley Recreation Office
  • Sheet Harbour Recreation Office

If those signs or stickers are displayed at a property, distributors are prohibited from delivering their materials.

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Halifax councillor calling for plastic bag ban

Possible punishment

The bylaw will be complaint-driven and the HRM says that if flyers are delivered when there is a sign or sticker in place, they’d like citizens to contact 311 to report the issue.

Companies can be fined $250 for every non-compliance while individual contractors can face a fine of $25.

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