Global News recognized for Inside Epilepsy series

Global News has been recognized for producing it’s recent Inside Epilepsy series, including a 30-minute Focus Ontario special.  The H.O.P.E. (Helping Out People with Epilepsy) Awards recognize people and organizations who have helped promote understanding, increase awareness or advance treatment and services.

Global News reporter Mark McAllister and News Director Dave Trafford, were on hand at Epilepsy Toronto’s annual conference to accept the award.

“It was the least we could do.  It was very easy for us,” said Trafford.  “It wasn’t about us and epilepsy.  It was about telling an important story.”

Global camera operator, Ben Jonah, health reporter Beatrice Politi and producers Melanie Zettler and Kathlene Calahan were also highlighted for their contributions.

“It was more epilepsy exposure than the field of epilepsy in Canada has received.  Ever,” Geoff Bobb,  Executive Director of Epilepsy Toronto said,

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The Inside Epilepsy series included several stories about epilepsy and the people affected by the condition. As part of the series, McAllister shared his own story about an on-air seizure he experienced two years ago.  He was diagnosed with epilepsy one month after it happened.

Watch McAllister’s story below: