Scott Thompson: Does it feel like the 1960s all over again?

WATCH: Wayfair employees in Boston walked off the job on Wednesday in protest of the online retailer selling furniture to detention centres for migrant children.

Is it me or does the world feel like the 1960s all over again?

Even if you were not born yet or just a wee babe, as I was, and have only heard the tall tales of unrest, does it not feel like we are back there again?

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As a kid of the ’60s, a teenager in the ’70s and young adult into the ’80s, I felt my generation was lucky to have not gone through what — for example — my mother did growing up, running to a bomb shelter in the middle of the night.

Or as my older cousins did, fearing one day they might be drafted into the war of the day like their U.S. peers, despite Canada not having such a policy.

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The Vietnam War, nuclear war, communism, a divided world, civil unrest, race riots, inequality, air pollution — the world was coming to an end.

The turbulent ’60s were not just peace and love, sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.  That was merely to numb the reality.

It was a time of questioning authority, debating options and changing the rules.

Today, terrorism is the threat, both physical and technological. Trade wars, cyber wars, climate change, extremism, inequality — the world is coming to an end all over again.

WATCH: (June 18, 2018) New images reveal migrant children separated from parents, living in cages

New images reveal migrant children separated from parents living in cages
New images reveal migrant children separated from parents living in cages

Sound familiar? It appears to be cyclical.

The same issues that divided us then are dividing us now and most likely will forever.

Oddly enough, those babes of the ’60s are now a part of the establishment they were once fighting and which is experiencing the same unrest today.

And just like the last millennium, we will survive this one.

Fear mongering or not.

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.​​​​

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