Dorval releases study findings in push for REM connector

WATCH: The push for a tunnel in Dorval that could dramatically cut commute times for thousands of people is heating up. As Global's Billy Shields reports, the city has released the results of a study it commissioned.

Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau points to the city’s intermodal station from a site near Trudeau Airport, two locations that are only 700 metres apart.

“Two drives from Tiger Woods could travel that distance,” Rouleau told reporters, speaking in French.

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Yet although the new REM light rail system will connect to the airport, neither is currently planned to connect to the intermodal station — an oversight he’s hoping to convince officials to remedy.

According to the study, some 200,000 additional passengers would gain access to public transit should the connector be built, accounting for a cut in commute times by as much as an hour.

This is especially acute for commuters who need to work in places like St-Laurent, said François Pepin, the researcher who presented the study.

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“The trip between the intermodal station and the Technoparc would be say, less than 10 minutes,” he said.



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REM officials wrote an email to Global News saying that the federal government is studying the possibility, and that the REM believes it is a “potentially interesting” idea.

One lingering question, however, is cost. Rouleau said he didn’t know how much such a tunnel would cost to build.

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