Parole board recommends new charge against Kingston-based sex offender

Lucas Petrini is back in custody for allegedly breaching the conditions of his release. Kingston police

The Parole Board of Canada is recommending a sex offender released from Kingston-area prison face a new charge for allegedly breaching his release conditions.

Lucas Petrini, 28, was placed on a long-term supervision order in late November, 2018.

Petrini abducted a nine-year-old child in Brampton, Ont. in 2008, then subjected the child to repeated sexual assaults. After serving a decade in prison, Petrini was released, and decided to stay in Kingston.

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Back in November, Kingston police took the unusual step of releasing Petrini’s name and picture to the public because they believed he posed a high risk of re-offending.

Upon his release, the parole board shackled him with strict conditions that would follow him for 10 years.

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Petrini was originally forbidden from contacting the victim or their family, being in the presence of children under the age of 16, using alcohol or drugs, among other conditions.

In documents obtained by Global News, the parole board recommended new charges be laid, for breaching the conditions of his release, namely for using drugs and owning a cell phone that could access the internet.

In the board’s decision released on Thursday, Petrini was allegedly seen in December 2018 in another person’s room crushing a pill so that he could snort it. The parole board said he admitted to his parole officer that he was using this medication regularly.

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Click to play video 'Parole Board of Canada details reasoning behind conditions on high-risk offender in Kingston' Parole Board of Canada details reasoning behind conditions on high-risk offender in Kingston
Parole Board of Canada details reasoning behind conditions on high-risk offender in Kingston – Dec 3, 2018

The board also says Petrini admitted to routinely using marijuana since his release.

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“You have self reported to your parole officer that you have continued to routinely use drugs while incarcerated and have voiced that you are unable to stop using,” the parole board wrote in its decision to Petrini.

According to the parole board’s decision, an iPhone with access to the internet was found in Petrini’s room, and he later confessed to buying the phone’s data package.

Correctional officials say they found an animated picture of a young boy engaging in a sexual act on the phone.

The parole board says Petrini “demonstrated a preoccupation with young boys and gratuitous violence,” but he denied that claim.

Nevertheless, the board found no proof that Petrini was using the cell phone to communicate with minors.

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In the end, the board recommended that he be charged for his alleged drug use.

“The board is satisfied that no appropriate program of supervision can be established that would adequately protect society from the risk of your reoffending. A breach has occurred and by your
own admission, you routinely breached this condition while on release.”

Kingston police did not confirm whether Petrini has been arrested and charged yet.

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The parole board has also imposed three new conditions on the offender, namely, a prohibition on any technological device that would allow access to the internet, a prohibition on child pornography or sexually explicit material in any form and a prohibition on pictures, photographs or any type of media of children under the age of 18.