This is how Texans prepare for ‘baseball-sized’ hail

Heavy rain pummels Texas as storms batter state
WATCH: Heavy rains battered parts of Texas early Thursday morning as storms battered the state, bringing hail and even the possibility of an isolated tornado.

Texas residents braced for severe thunderstorms — with the threat of “baseball-sized” hail — by covering their vehicles with pretty much anything they could find.

Strong storms were forecast for parts of northern Texas last Wednesday, extending into Thursday morning, leaving some residents scrambling to protect their vehicles from potential damage.

Photos on social media show people using inflatable pool toys, couch cushions and other household items in an effort to protect their rides.

“When the garage is full and you live in Texas. And they say there is possible Softball size hail, you go REDNECK!!” Sherri VanCampen tweeted along with a photo showing couch cushions strapped to a pickup truck.

“Hail storms forecast this evening in #Texas. Be sure to protect your vehicles,” Tiffany Villarreal tweeted along with a photo showing inflatable mattresses covering a Jeep.

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Seven tornadoes were reported across the Plains, from the northeastern Texas Panhandle to southeastern Kansas. Strong winds hit elsewhere Wednesday evening, toppling utility poles and trees and downing power lines in parts of North Texas.

The National Weather Service received numerous reports of hail pelting the storm-struck areas.

Egg-size hail was reported about 100 kilometres northwest of Fort Worth.

Storm chasers and weather fanatics shared photos and video of the powerful storms sweeping across the state. Here’s a look:

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