BC SPCA seeks donations for abused Pomeranian puppy

The Vancouver branch of the BC SPCA is appealing for public donations to help pay the medical costs of a Pomeranian puppy it says suffered horrific abuse.

The SPCA says a member of the public alerted them to Kiki’s condition when she was taken to a local animal hospital.

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Animal protection officers seized Kiki there.

The eight-month-old pup had a bandage on a rear leg resulting in a large, open skin infection, which had spread to her back and legs.

X-rays showed a number of older rib fractures, and SPCA Branch Manager Jodi Dunlop says Kiki was in unbelievable pain because all of the skin on her entire back and legs has rotted off due to the infection.

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Medical costs are estimated at $6,000 and Kiki will be in SPCA care for up to two months as she recovers.

Charges against the owner have been recommended to Crown Counsel.

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