Curios but scared of injections?

A young woman enjoying her novel with a hot drink while sitting inside near a fireplace.
A young woman enjoying her novel with a hot drink while sitting inside near a fireplace. kupikoo / Getty Images

Dr. Susan Borden is the friendliest, most knowledgeable physician injector!

She is also the latest addition to the AFYA team and brings with her a wealth of experience from the medical field as a nurse turned physician. Dr. Borden’s skill set and knowledge provide our clients the best possible skin care opportunities around. Her main goal is to help clients feel radiant in their own skin by enhancing their features with a little boost.

“I am the injector here at AFYA,” says Borden. “My goal is to give clients a natural look. We take years off the look of the skin almost instantly, done subtly enough that friends and family won’t know but will comment on how ‘well rested’ you look!”

“Derma fillers come in a couple of different varieties. The ones we commonly use are hyaluronic acid.” Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally found in the body. It provides cushioning in your joints and lubrication in your eyes. Basically, it is a sugar molecule that helps to draw water into an area. When used in a cosmetic sense, it provides volume to an area by bringing fluid into that spot and helping plump it up.

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People have been using dermal fillers for decades to tackle those deep lines, such as the ones around your nasal and mouth area. They are also used in the places on the face that are beginning to sag and look less youthful, such as the cheeks.

“Cheek fillers and lip fillers are really popular,” says Borden. “Clientele can vary. You have the 35-year-old, with two to three kids at home, who needs a little boost to feel good, or it’s someone who is 65 or 70 who says ‘I have lived a good life, and now I want to take care of myself, look good, and feel better.’ Really the clientele is anyone who wants to enhance one’s skin and bring back that youthful fullness to their face.”

But if fillers are too intimidating, another option to skin rejuvenation is a neurotoxin—a.k.a. the fine line eraser. There are several on the market, the most famous being Botox and Xeomin. We offer both at AFYA.

Xeomin is a more natural type of neurotoxin as it doesn’t contain complex proteins like that of Botox. This means it is less likely to build up a tolerance in the body and trigger an allergic reaction. Both Xeomin and Botox are good options, so a complimentary consultation is a great way to learn which one is best for you. A couple of days after your treatment, your face is left with a very natural look, not frozen or plastic in expression but beautifully relaxed. You can still frown and smile, and no, you won’t look permanently surprised (unless of course you actually are).

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So how does it work you may ask?

Neurotoxins are used to stop the contraction of muscles by temporary paralysis, which really means that the muscle movement that creates wrinkles ceases to happen, and the wrinkles no longer appear. “If you think about when you are doing physical activity at a gym, the more you work out, the more the muscles define that area,” says Borden. “If all of a sudden you quit going to the gym and stop working out, that definition goes away, which is the same concept behind Xeomin.”

Because the muscles in your face that created the lines aren’t moving, the wrinkles fade over time, leaving the face looking younger and smoother. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to find the fountain of youth in some way, shape or form. It’s not a permanent fix, but it does last for several months. And the more often you get it, the less you end up needing of it. Isn’t science wonderful?!

But don’t just take our word for it, come into AFYA and see for yourself. Many of our clients have taken years off their appearance and regained confidence that they never thought was possible!

“It’s painless, really! And so worth it…I feel younger looking already.” – C.M., AFYA client