Broken lift at 201 Portage Avenue repaired

The 'out of order' sign has been removed and the lift is once again operational. Sharon Pfeifer / Global News

Repairs have been made to the accessibility lift under 201 Portage Avenue.

Technicians were working on the elevator connecting the building to the underground concourse downtown on Wednesday morning.

Technicians work on the broken wheelchair lift in the underground corridor at 201 Portage Avenue.

It is one of two lifts that allow people with mobility challenges to by-pass the set of stairs into/out of the concourse.

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Service broke down on Feb. 4. leaving many people stranded.

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The situation caused Allen Mankewich, as well as other wheelchair-bound residents, to find alternative routes.

Allen Mankewich navigates the Portage and Main concourse underground Sunday. Global News

In an interview with Global News earlier this week, Mankewich voiced his concern.

“It’s frustrating that nothing’s really changed in the last 40 years in terms of the design of the concourse and you know, hopefully they can figure this out,” Mankewich said.

Mankewich tweeted at the City of Winnipeg on Mar. 1 and was told the building owner of 201 Portage was responsible for repairs, later admitting it was in fact the City who owned the building.


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