World record confirmed, Manitoba snow maze is world’s largest

"A Maze In Corn" winter themed maze south of Winnipeg confirmed to be the world's largest snow maze. Michael Draven / Global News

It is official. A snow maze built near St. Adolphe, Man. is the largest in the world.

A Maze in Corn began building a labyrinth of ice and snow on their corn field in December with a view to breaking a Guinness World Record.

The record was previously held by the Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay.

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records confirmed the new achievement by email.

“I am able to confirm that A Maze in Corn, Inc. currently holds the Guinness World Records title for the largest snow maze,” said Rachel Gluck.

The official Guinness record text reads as follows:

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The largest snow maze is 2,789.11 m² (30,021 ft² 110 in²) and was created by A Maze in Corn, Inc (Canada) in St. Adolphe, Manitoba, Canada, and measured on 10 February 2019.

The maze is located about 10 minutes south of Winnipeg on St. Mary’s Road. The attraction will be open Thursday to Sunday until March 17, possibly longer depending on the weather.

Maze owner Clint Masse said at the outset that the snow maze was a natural fit for their business.

“We’ve done a corn maze for so many years and a snow maze just looks like an awesome winter option.”

Masse told 680 CJOB Tuesday that while he’s excited about the record, he won’t be surprised if other Canadian snow mazes try to surpass his high-water mark in the future.

“I’m scared that now I’m going to Googling non-stop who’s going to build them, because maybe now we’re going to have 10 in Canada. Who knows?”

The maze, which is smaller than the corn maze on the same site, does have space to grow, he said, but there are challenges in winter that don’t present themselves with the fall corn maze.

“The corn maze is so much bigger, because we just mow the corn,” he said. “We don’t have to put in walls, fill walls, move walls.”

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The winter version also has seasonal safety requirements, like extra exits.

“We had to negotiate with Guinness,” said Masse. “They said there has to be only one way in and one way out, but I said, ‘I’m sorry, but you just don’t know how cold it is here.’

“We could have some small child get lost in here and just couldn’t handle that.”

While things are heating up on the temperature front, that also means the snow maze’s days are numbered – at least for this season.

“We’re two weeks away from melting this thing down,” said Masse. “We don’t have control over that, but the end of the season is coming.

“We had the worst fall season on record, so we did the snow maze – doubled down, put another 50 grand out towards an entertainment package for Manitobans, and they responded positively. It’s awesome.”

WATCH: Inside view of Manitoba snow maze targeting world record

Click to play video: 'Inside view of Manitoba snow maze targeting world record'
Inside view of Manitoba snow maze targeting world record

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