David Icke, conspiracy theorist accused of anti-Semitism, has Australian visa cancelled before tour

David Icke.
David Icke. Facebook/David Icke

British author and broadcaster David Icke, who critics accuse of anti-Semitism and of being a conspiracy theorist, has had his Australian visa cancelled ahead of a speaking tour.

The 66-year-old said from the United States on Wednesday that the Australian government had “insulted every Australian man, woman and child” by cancelling his Australian tour scheduled to start on March 1.

Coverage of conspiracy theories on

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Immigration Minister David Coleman says he does not discuss individual cases.

Those who have been denied Australian visas on character grounds include troubled R&B singer Chris Brown, convicted classified document leaker Chelsea Manning, anti-vaxxer Kent Heckenlively and Gavin McInnes, founder of the all-male far-right group Proud Boys.

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Visitors can be refused visas if there is a risk they will “vilify a segment of the Australian community” or “incite discord.”