Rat collides with people tobogganing in Victoria

WATCH: Keep your eyes peeled when sledding down a hill, you never know when a rat will try and cross your path.

With snow covering much of B.C.’s South Coast, many people — and at least one rodent — have headed to the hills to enjoy a little tobogganing.

Some sledders were making their way down Ryan Street hill in Victoria Tuesday afternoon when they collided with a large rat that came running into their path.

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Vancouver Island copes with snow
Vancouver Island copes with snow

Seventeen-year-old Cole Salsman captured the rat’s journey on his GoPro camera.

Salsman was barrelling down the hill, asking “We hitting the ramp, boys?”

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Instead of hitting a ramp, the rat hit him after a close encounter with another toboggan.

Other sledders screamed as the rodent scurried away, presumably unharmed.

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