Despite Hamilton Police raids, Georgia Peach says it’s ‘open for business’

Despite a police raid at four of its Hamilton locations, Georgia Peach says it's still open for business. YouTube

Georgia Peach says it’s still open for business, despite police raids at all four of its Hamilton locations.

Hamilton police arrested 25 people and laid 50 charges on Thursday after raiding and seizing all four Georgia Peach marijuana dispensary locations: George Street, Dundurn Street South and two on Upper James.

However, at around 10:30 a.m. Friday, the cannabis dispensary company wrote on Twitter that its George Street location is currently open for business.

Police also executed a search warrant earlier this month at HaZe dispensary on King Street East.

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Under new powers that came into effect earlier this month, police can now change the locks and install an alarm at the dispensaries, making sure they cannot reopen.

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