Dashcam video shows car driver challenge semi on Manitoba highway

Click to play video: 'Manitoba semi driver dashcam records road rage' Manitoba semi driver dashcam records road rage
WATCH: In an apparent case of road rage, a driver of a small car attempts to cut off a semi-trailer hauling cattle on icy Highway 83 near Roblin Man., multiple times – Dec 31, 2018

A suspected extreme case of road rage was caught on camera by a transport truck driver carrying 102,000 pounds of cattle in Roblin, Man.

The semi driver, Sean Reimer says after he turned onto highway 83 heading north Dec. 28, a vehicle came up from behind at a high rate of speed and pulled in front of him.

“The car that passed me was about half a mile out, when I pulled out onto 83, because there was no oncoming traffic, I figured he had lots of room,” Reimer said.

Dashcam video shows the car stopping in the middle of the highway. Reimer avoided a rear-end crash by moving into the opposite lane.

“He wouldn’t let me pull back in once I passed him, so I forced myself in, because I needed to get in to avoid oncoming traffic.”

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But it didn’t stop there, Reimer said he was shocked when he saw the the driver pull out a second time and stop again.

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This time, the driver not only blocks the lane with his car, he stands next to his vehicle in the on-coming lane of traffic, gesturing with his hands. Reimer attempted to slow the truck, but had to pass on the shoulder to avoid a collision.

“I had the choice of either flipping my truck over or hitting him and I would sooner roll my truck over than hit someone else,” he said as he recalled the incident.

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Reimer says he believed this was a classic case of road rage, but it’s nothing new to him, “We see so much of this every day, guys think they can just ‘show trucks’, he said.

“They don’t realize that when I’m fully loaded with live animals, I’m 102,000 pounds… compared to his 4,000 pound car, it is not going to be a pretty sight if I hit him.”

Reimer says it takes him approximately 1.4 kilometers to fully slow down, and swerving was his only option, luckily he avoided a major crash.

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He says he turned the video over to police.

RCMP confirmed they are investigating.

Officers told Global News they suspected the incident was road rage related.

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