Global News switches to 16×9 format: what you need to know

Monday marks a big step forward for Global News as we transition from a format and framing that has been the television standard for more than 50 years.

Starting Monday, we will be presenting our news content in full 16×9 and no longer supporting the 4×3 format.

Our new look is designed specifically to take advantage of the 16×9 format.

HD viewers will see no difference.

SD (Analogue) viewers with old TV sets will see a 16×9 “letterbox” presentation.

This ONLY applies to those viewers with the old ‘square’ analog televisions.

All those people watching Global News in Analog on widescreen TVs will now have content presented to them to fit the screens in their analog homes.

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We feel it’s important that our viewers get the whole picture and the same experience regardless of the platform.

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