770 CHQR Pledge Day 2018 raises $240,000 for Calgary Children’s Foundation

Global News Morning Calgary's Leslie Horton talks about how the funds raised today will help the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary.

Calgarians’ generosity showed on Friday as donations poured in for 770’s CHQR annual Pledge Day radiothon.

The event raised over $240,000 for the Calgary Children’s Foundation in 13 hours.

WATCH: Corus Pledge Day — Go Baby Go program

Corus Pledge Day: Go Baby Go program
Corus Pledge Day: Go Baby Go program

The day was emotional, with many recipients of the funds sharing their stories and what the money has meant to them.

BettyJo Kaiser, the foundation’s administrator, has been involved with the event for nine years.

This year, her connection to the foundation became even stronger when she found herself calling up one of the charities to which she has helped deliver funds through the Calgary Children’s Foundation.

You can listen below:

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Earlier in the day, host Danielle Smith spoke to Janet from the school-based mental health team who shared how something as simple as a bike could change a teen’s life.

The Calgary Children’s Foundation raises money for small children’s charities in the Calgary area.

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