Hamilton woman ‘shocked and disgusted’ to find live mouse in grocery store bread

Loblaws has apologized to a Hamilton woman, who found a mouse inside a loaf of bread she purchased at No Frills.

A Hamilton woman was shocked to find a live mouse inside the loaf of bread she was about to buy in a Hamilton No Frills grocery store.

Michelle Hill says she noticed the mouse while she was shopping at the No Frills store on Main Street on Tuesday.

She posted a picture of the discovery on Facebook, which quickly went viral.

In her post, Hill said she was “shocked and disgusted” and asked store staff to “grab the bread.”

As a result, the breadmaker is sending Hill a gift card and Loblaws, which owns No Frills, has issued an apology.

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The company says the store has taken steps to ensure the incident doesn’t happen again, including working with a pest control team and inspecting bakery items every day.

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