Barrie municipal election 2018: Last minute voter’s guide

Outside entrance to Barrie City Hall. Nick Westoll / File / Global News

Voters across the province will head to the polls on Monday to choose their representatives in the 2018 Ontario municipal election.

Barrie residents have had three weeks to cast their ballots at more than 20 locations across the city ahead of the election. However, according to the city, as of Friday morning, only eight per cent of eligible electors had voted.

If you haven’t had time to cast your ballot, here’s a last-minute voter’s guide of where, when and how to vote by Monday’s 8 p.m. deadline.

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Who can vote

To be eligible to vote in the 2018 municipal election in Barrie you must be:

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  • A resident of Barrie or the owner or tenant of land in the city, or their spouse
  • 18 years of age or older on or before Oct. 22
  • A Canadian citizen
  • Not otherwise prohibited by law from voting
  • On the City of Barrie voter’s list

Voters’ list

To vote in the upcoming election, you must be on the city of Barrie voters’ list. To ensure you are on the list prior to election day, you can use the city’s online tool or call 705-728-8683.

Residents who were on the list before Sept. 7, should have received a voter notification card in the mail.

City officials say having a voter notification card is not necessary, however, bringing it with you to a polling station does help to streamline the voting process. If you did not receive a card in the mail, you can contact Legislative and Court Services to have one printed.

According to the city, if you are not on the voters’ list or need to make changes to the information on the list, you can fill out an amendment form and bring it with you to any of the voting locations across the city. City officials say additions and changes to the voters’ list will be permitted up to and including election day.

Where to vote

City officials say residents do not have to attend a polling station in their ward and are welcome to vote at any of the 20 voting locations set up across the city.

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Here is a comprehensive list of all of the locations you can cast your ballot in the city.

  • Allandale Recreation Center, 190 Bayview Dr.
  • Bayfield Mall, 320 Bayfield St.
  • City Hall, 70 Collier St.
  • Covenant Christian Reformed Church, 101 Ardagh Rd.
  • Dorian Parker Centre, 227 Sunnidale Rd.
  • East Bayfield Community Centre, 80 Livingstone St. E.
  • Ferris Lane Community Church of the Nazarene, 49 Ferris Lane
  • First Baptist Church, 550 Grove St. E.
  • Hi Way Pentecostal Church, 50 Anne St. N.
  • Holly Community Centre, 171 Mapleton Ave.
  • Hyde Park Public School, 72 The Queensway
  • Lampman Lane Community Centre, 59 Lampman Lane
  • Life Church Barrie, 211 Marsellus Dr.
  • Northwest Barrie United Church, 464 Ferndale Dr. N.
  • Painswick Library, 48 Dean Ave.
  • Parkview Centre for Seniors, 189 Blake St.
  • Southshore Community Centre, 205 Lakeshore Dr.
  • St. Catherine of Siena School, 111 Summerset Dr.
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant, 20 Royal Parkside Dr.
  • Tollendale Village, 274 Hurst Dr.

Voting hours

Saturday, Oct. 20 is the last day to vote in advance of the election. On Saturday, the voting locations will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On election day, Monday, Oct. 22, the polling stations will be open at 10 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. sharp.

What to bring

To cast a ballot in the 2018 municipal election, you must bring with you a piece of identification with your name and signature.

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Acceptable forms of identification include an Ontario driver’s licence, Ontario health card (with a photo and address) or an Ontario photo card. A full list of acceptable forms of identification can be found online.

The city is also encouraging residents to bring their voter notification cards to help streamline the voting process, however, electors must also present a valid form of identification.

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Who’s running

On Monday Barrie voters will elect one mayor and 10 city councillors to represent them municipally for the next four years. Here is a list of candidates running for Barrie city council.

Mayoral candidates

Jeff Lehman (incumbent)

Ram Faerber

Ward 1 councillor

Shaugna Ainsworth

Graham Allary

Ryan Cardwell

Erin Hennigar

Dusko Jankov

Avery Konda

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Ann-Marie Kungl

Clare Riepma

Cole Walsh

Ward 2 councillor

Keenan Aylwin

Richard Forward

Yolanda T. Gallo

Rose Romita (incumbent)

Ward 3 councillor

Lynn-Anne Hill

Tanya Saari

Doug Shipley (incumbent)

Ward 4 councillor

Daniel Boucher

Bryan Harris

Barry Ward (incumbent)

Ward 5 councillor

Harry Ahmed

Brandon Cassidy

Peter Silveira (incumbent)

Robert Thomson

Ward 6 councillor

Natalie Harris

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Colin Nelthorpe

Micheline Robichaud

Steve Trotter (incumbent)

Ward 7 councillor

Gary Harvey

John McEachern

Bonnie North

Andrew Prince (incumbent)

Ward 8 councillor

Jim Harris

Brian Miller

Shelly Skinner

Brad Thompson

Ward 9 councillor

Sergio Morales (incumbent) (acclaimed)

Ward 10 councillor

Peter Culyer

Mike McCann (incumbent)

John Olthuis

Election results

For more information about the election in Barrie you can visit the city’s 2018 Ontario municipal election profile created by Global News.

Election results can be found on the city’s profile after the polls close on Monday evening.


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