Chinese bank workers get slithery surprise after python literally crashes their meeting

WATCH: Giant python falls from ceiling in middle of bank meeting in China

Office meetings can be stressful at the best of times, but a group of Chinese bank workers experienced a different kind of workplace trauma after a python crashed down on the floor as they stood around for a morning briefing from their supervisor.

The short-lived meeting took place Friday at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in the city of Nanning in Guangxi Province, China News reported.

CCTV footage of the hiss-terical incident shows the bank staff scrambling to flee the room after the 10-pound python crashes down from the ceiling, missing one woman’s head by mere inches.

The serpent also appeared shaken up by the incident, as it frantically flailed and slithered its way under some furniture to take refuge.

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Once the bank staff caught their breath, one of them managed to call local wildlife authorities. The security video shows the brave animal-handlers nonchalantly moving leather sofas around until they locate the snake curled up in a corner.

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They then proceeded to bag the beast, which is set to be shipped out to a local wildlife conservation and research centre.

No one was harmed in the incident, which is reported to have taken place before business hours. China News assured that the bank’s business outlets “opened normally.”

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