Air India plane hits wall during takeoff, makes emergency landing 3 hours later

. Flight Radar

An Air India plane had to make an emergency landing after hitting the perimeter wall during takeoff at an airport in Trichy, India Friday morning.

There were 136 people on Flight IX 611, which was headed to Dubai but was diverted to Mumbai as a “precautionary measure,” Air India officials said in a statement.

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The Boeing 737 took off at around 1:30 a.m. local time, and landed in Mumbai at 5:35 a.m. No one was injured during the incident.

The statement said airport officials at Trichy airport said the plane “might have come in contact with the airport perimeter wall.”

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Pictures show a deep gash on the plane, and a space in the airport wall. Officials told NDTV the two front wheels hit the wall.

“Based on ADS-B data received from the aircraft, the flight bound for Dubai was not yet airborne at the end of the runway,” online flight tracker Flight Radar wrote.

Despite having sustained damage, the plane flew for at least three hours before landing.

“The matter was conveyed to the pilot in command. The pilot in command reported that the aircraft systems were operating normally.”

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After landing, the damage to the plane was seen, including cracks, tears and dents. An officer told NDTV parts of the plane’s antenna were found at Trichy Airport.

The pilot, Capt. D. Ganesh Babu, and first officer Capt. Anurag have been suspended from flight duties pending an investigation. The pair collectively has over 6,000 flight hours logged with a Boeing 737.

The incident comes only weeks after a Jet Airways plane had to return to Mumbai because the crew didn’t properly pressurize the cabin.

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