The JHR podcast: Building trust in South Sudan following years of civil war

Challenging roads in Juba, South Sudan. Robin Pierro/JHR

Global News is a media partner with Journalists for Human Rights and, as part of that partnership, is proud to provide a platform for updates on JHR programs.

Episode 3 of the JHR podcast looks into how Journalists for Human Rights is working in the world’s newest country: South Sudan.

Hosts Grant McDonald and Mackay Taggart of Global News examine how JHR’s work is leading the charge when it comes to strengthening journalists on the ground. We also discover how this type of training is helping to create a safer working environment for journalists in South Sudan.

Guests on this episode:

  • Zein Almoghraby, senior programs manager, JHR
  • Laura Bain, team lead in South Sudan with JHR

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