Lisée takes aim at CAQ, Massé takes aim at Airbnb on day 3 of election campaign

PQ, Québec Solidaire leaders campaign through home ridings
WATCH ABOVE: Parti Québecois’s Jean-Francois Lisée and Québec Solidaire’s Manon Massé spent day three of the campaign trail in their respective home riding's of Rosemont and Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques. Global’s Dan Spector reports.

As he toured a community garden in his home riding of Rosemont on Saturday, PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisée spent time with citizens, announced his party would give out tax breaks for homes built with rooftop gardens, and, of course, took aim at the poll-leading CAQ.

“For Montrealers, they have to tell themselves electing a CAQ government is a bad idea, because Montreal would not be well-represented,” Lisée said. He was responding to a comment that the CAQ may be able to form government without holding any seats in Montreal.

Earlier in the morning, he took aim at the CAQ’s promise to cut taxes, arguing it would plunge Quebec into the red.

Lisée then criticized CAQ leader François Legault’s idea to make the legal marijuana age 21.

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“Most of the weed bought in Quebec today is by people who are between 18 and 21. They buy it from organized crime. The CAQ position is they should keep going to organized crime to buy their weed,” Lisée said. The PQ leader added he would rather 18- to 21-year-olds buy legal cannabis from government stores.

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“These people should come to the new stores and have someone sell them controlled weed and give them a pamphlet saying it’s bad for your brain. I’ve never heard of a Hell’s Angel dealer saying weed is bad for your brain,” he said.

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Like Lisée, Quebec Solidaire co-spokesperson Manon Massé spent part of Saturday in her riding meeting with her own constituents.

Instead of her opponents, she decided to take aim at Airbnb. Massé said too many people renting out their homes in the Plateau is having negative consequences.

“People should be able to rent their own place 60 days a year,” she explained to Global News. “After that, they can do it, too, but they have to get a license to do it.”

WATCH: Quebec election campaign kicks off

Quebec election campaign kicks off
Quebec election campaign kicks off

Massé also wants Airbnb to start paying Quebec sales taxes.

“In Amsterdam, since 2016 they pay taxes and give it back to Amsterdam,” she said.

On cannabis, Massé confirmed François Legault and the CAQ are the only major party to advocate the legal age being 21.

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“For us, it’s 18. You have the right to vote, you have the right to buy alcohol,” said Massé. “Why have another age for cannabis?”

Jean-François Lisée spent the afternoon campaigning in Montreal before finishing his day on the South Shore. Manon Massé took off for Sherbrooke to attend the pride parade there.