Walk in Winnipeg hopes to clear misconceptions about brain injuries

Facing impacts of a brain injury
David Sullivan of the Manitoba Brain Injury Association speaks with Global News Morning about misconceptions surrounding brain injuries.

A walk through Assiniboine Park on Sunday is hoping to help address misconceptions about brain injuries.

The Manitoba Brain Injury Association said it is hard for many to recognize when a person is impacted by an injury to the brain.

“If I was in a wheelchair, you could have a better understanding of why I’m not running around. With a brain injury, you won’t really see it out in the open,” said David Sullivan of the Manitoba Brain Injury Association.

There are a lot of functions a brain injury could take away from a person, he said.

“Your brain controls every part of what you do. It could be moving your hand or responding to questions that have been asked,” Sullivan said.

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Having the proper support and education on a brain injury is important.

“It’s such an isolating disability and it’s often mistaken for something else is going on in that person’s life,” Sullivan said.

Proceeds raised in the 14th annual walk will help support programs MBIA runs.

“We have support groups for both people supporting those with brain injuries and people living with brain injuries who may need a hand navigating the system,” Sullivan said.

Details on the Aug. 26 walk can be found on Manitoba Brain Injury Association’s Facebook page.

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Helping those dealing with brain injuries
Helping those dealing with brain injuries