Bob Layton: Edmonton’s bike lanes face possible tacky attack

A photo of a tack in a bike wheel.
A photo of a tack in a bike wheel. Global News

Tacks were reportedly found in bike lanes on 102nd Avenue. Did they get there by accident or on purpose?

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Some bikers, after the way they’ve been treated by motorists, would not be surprised if it was deliberate.

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Nor would I. Bike lanes are the number two thing people complain to me about — number one is the carbon tax.

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For the last civic election, I had several people ask me to run for mayor, and put a stop to the bike lanes.

They liked what Mayor Rob Ford did in Toronto in spending about a third of a million dollars removing bike lanes, which he called a “pain in the … ”  — you know what — to motorists.

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I did a Global editorial from the scene of a bike lane on 95th avenue, showing how ridiculous it looked, sitting between two service roads.

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The city ripped it and the new cement island out, but I don’t know if they even saw the editorial. I’m sure they heard from others.

One person on council cannot change the bike lane policy.

It has more to do with the group that gets elected by a thoughtful public that has more than 30 per cent turn out to vote.

Until then, putting tacks in a bike lane is even more pointless than throwing paint at the Talus Dome.

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Let me know what you think.

Bob Layton is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations.