Peterborough startup’s video football game released for PlayStation, Xbox

David Winter with the PS4 and XBox One verisons of his game "Maximum Football 2018.". Innovation Cluster

A Peterborough company’s video football game has been officially released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming platforms.

Local developer Canuck Play’s Maximum Football 2018 game has been officially certified for the Sony and Microsoft consoles. The game aims to celebrate Canadian culture by featuring three downs for the game.

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“This an amazing milestone for us,” stated company president David Winter. “We have been working for months both day and night to make this reality for our player base. A lot of little pieces go into being passed for certification.”


A screen shot from Maximum Football, a game developed by Peterborough-based Canuck Play. Innovation Cluster

Maximum Football 2018 features multiple game options between Canadian, American and college football with modes such as full season, practice, replays with camera control and player body styles and even weather which can impact gameplay.

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The game is a continuation to last July’s launch of Canadian Football 2017 for Xbox One and PC desktop which received PC distribution through Steam.

Canuck Play is a client of the Innovation Cluster in downtown Peterborough.

“Canuck Play’s success shows Peterborough is the place to be as a tech company,” stated Michael Skinner, president and CEO of the Innovation Cluster. “Their certification for PS4 and Xbox One is an incredible milestone for a boutique game development agency.”

Winter has more than 20 years of experience, designing and producing and publishing video games. Vice-president Sheryl Loucks has years of publishing and administration experience.

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Winter says he will continue to add updates to the game as needed, already asking gamers about adding on a logo creator or playbook and coach/manager feature.

“We are passionate about creating games through Canadian culture and want our players to have a voice in what they’d like to experience in the games we create,” he said.

Canuck Play has also partnered with publishing company Spearin Interactive based out of Hamilton, Ont.

The game can be purchased directly from the XBox One and PS4 platforms.


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