Scott Thompson: No hugs for rescued cave boys yet

Click to play video 'Diver on standby to go to Thailand explains the unique challenges of this rescue mission' Diver on standby to go to Thailand explains the unique challenges of this rescue mission
In an interview on CBS This Morning Edd Sorenson, a technical cave diver on standby to go to Thailand, explained the unique difficulties rescuers now face in evacuating the remaining children – Jul 9, 2018

We talked Monday about the dangerous and unimaginable journey a young Thai soccer team (and their families) have endured for over two weeks stranded in caves by rising waters.

After 10 days of frantic searching before discovery, the next challenge was the painstaking task of returning them to the earth’s surface.

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When the boys started to reappear, they were quickly whisked away, under cover, to a special isolated hospital wing prepared for their post-rescue.

After spending so much time in damp, dark, underground conditions, doctors are worried about both the physical and physiological effects on the boys.

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Doctors are especially concerned about cave disease, a lung infection caused by an environment of bat and bird droppings.

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The recovered boys are now in quarantine while being examined. Their identities at rescue being held back to help prepare for reunification with loved ones.

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After all this, the families will not be able to hug or touch the boys until their tests come back and doctors give the green light.

Until then, families are forced to view their separated young through a glass window, and wait.

Not quite there yet, but certainly a lot closer than they have been, for far too long.

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.