Winnipeg Humane Society receives hundreds of calls for pets in hot cars

The SPCA wants to warn everyone not to leave your dog in your car for any length of time. BC SPCA

As the weather is getting warmer, the phone calls to the Winnipeg Humane Society’s emergency line are heating up.

Each year, the humane society receives hundreds of calls about people leaving their pets in their cars.

The humane society says even on moderately cool days, the temperatures inside a vehicle can rise and put pets at risk of heat stroke, brain damage and death.

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“We need to do more for our pets when it comes to this issue,” says Kyle Jahns, WHS communications co-ordinator.

“To make a difference, people must be more aware of the intolerable conditions inside a hot vehicle and share this message with all Manitobans. Pets should not suffer over such an easily prevented issue.”

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In 2017, the humane society received 324 complaints about animals locked in vehicles. In 2016, they received 185 calls and in 2015, 226 calls. So far they have already received 77 calls this year.

The humane society’s emergency line is 204-982-2020.

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