‘Space Kingdom of Asgardia’ inaugurates head of state

Click to play video: 'World’s first ‘space nation’ inaugurates head of state' World’s first ‘space nation’ inaugurates head of state
WATCH: World's first 'space nation' inaugurates head of state – Jun 25, 2018

The “Space Kingdom of Asgardia” inaugurated its first head of state, founding father Russian-Azerbaijani scientist Igor Ashurbeyli, on Monday in a ceremony at the Hofburg palace in Vienna.

Ashurbeyli, a billionaire scientist-engineer, businessman and philanthropist, was elected in January 2017 – or year 0001, according to the Asgardian calendar – to a five-year term.

Named after a mythical kingdom of Norse gods, Asgardia claims the status of “the first space nation – a global humanitarian project for everyone on the planet,” with the main goals of ensuring the peaceful use of space, protecting the Earth from space hazards and creating a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space.

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Ashurbeyli said that once the government is formed, it will seek “diplomatic solutions” to establish ties with countries on the earth and eventually apply for United Nations membership.

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It plans in the long-term to set up habitable platforms in space and build settlements on the Moon, but before that to create a legal platform for the exploration of near-Earth and deep space in tempo with humanity’s technological and scientific expansion, replacing the “outdated” international space law with a universal space law.

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