Bill Kelly: Donald Trump throws gasoline on the tariff fire

Click to play video: 'Trump complains that Canada ‘treats us horribly’ on trade' Trump complains that Canada ‘treats us horribly’ on trade
Speaking at the National Federation of Business Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump acknowledged the centuries of friendship before complaining that Canada "treats us horribly" on trade – Jun 19, 2018

It’s bad enough that Donald Trump decided to start a tariff war with America’s long-time allies, but his latest threats are like throwing gasoline onto the fire.

When Trump imposed significant tariffs on steel and aluminum, based entirely on false data, he was warned that unfair tariffs would most certainly be met with retaliatory tariffs against American goods.

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Canada’s targeted tariffs will go into effect next week, but the European nations have already returned the fire in this trade war, and we know that the narcissistic Trump doesn’t like anyone who stands up to his bully tactics.

Trump is now threatening to double down on his ill-conceived tariff battle by imposing even more tariffs on vehicles produced by the Canadian auto sector and also European car makers.

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Click to play video: 'How Trump’s trade attack affects the Canadian auto sector' How Trump’s trade attack affects the Canadian auto sector
How Trump’s trade attack affects the Canadian auto sector – Jun 12, 2018

WATCH: How Trump’s trade attack affects the Canadian auto sector

The American steel industry and American automakers have implored Trump to stop the insanity, because American economists are predicting significant job losses and problematic price increases in consumer goods for Americans because of Trump’s policy.

Regrettably, Trump doesn’t seem to care.

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He seems more focused on feeding his insatiable ego than he is on the wellbeing of the American economy.

When Trump started this wrong-headed tariff war, he said that winning a trade war was easy.

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It seems that millions of American workers and consumers are going to find out the hard way, just how wrong Trump was.

Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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