Ferrari mistakes Toronto for Montreal in Grand Prix video

Click to play video 'Ferrari mistakes Montreal for Toronto' Ferrari mistakes Montreal for Toronto
Ferrari released a promotional video for the Formula One race praising Montreal but over shots of Toronto's skyline – Jun 5, 2018

With Grand Prix expected to draw thousands of tourists and excited fans to Montreal this weekend, one sports car manufacturer doesn’t appear to know where it’s being held.

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Ferrari published a tweet Tuesday with the words “We are ready for Montréal!” complete with a video for the upcoming event — but a different Canadian city can be seen in the opening shot.

The 38-second video begins with a shot of a cloudy Toronto skyline with the CN Tower and incorrectly identifies Ontario’s capital city as Montreal.

The luxury car company’s advertisement continues with facts about Montreal and the upcoming Grand Prix event.

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However, social media users and Formula 1 fans were quick to notice the mistake and point it out.

Others wasted no time in making fun of the blunder with their own comparisons.

Ferrari has not taken down the video or issued a correction.