Possible drug-induced psychosis leads 50-year-old to fall out of stranger’s window: Police

Brockville Police say a man was allegedly running around in the middle of the night knocking on doors, possibly due to drug-induced psychosis. Canadian Press/ Francis Vachon

According to Brockville Police, a 50-year-old man was charged with mischief underĀ $5,000 over the weekend after he entered a stranger’s home and fell out of a window.

Police say on June 3, the man was described to be in a panicked state, allegedly going door-to-door in a south-end neighbourhood.

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The man was apparently agitated, suspected to be under the influence of some unknown substance, and seeking shelter from a possible attack.

One person allowed the agitated man into his residence, hoping to help him.

Shortly thereafter, around 3 a.m. the homeowner called the police for assistance because the man began to panic further, and allegedly caused damage to the homeowner’s property.

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Officers arrived on scene and shortly after took custody of the male after he climbed out and fell from a second-storey window.

He was taken to the Brockville General Hospital for medical treatment and was issued a future court date.