Up to 80 migrant workers homeless after Abbotsford dormitory destroyed by fire

The aftermath of a fire at a dormitory in Abbotsford on April 26, 2018. Global News

As many as 80 migrant workers are out of a place to stay after a dormitory on a rural property that grows flowers burned up in Abbotsford  on Thursday.

It’s not clear how the building caught fire, but it did house anywhere between 60 and 80 workers who were left “out of house,” said Abbotsford deputy fire Chief Jeff Adams.

“The building was fully involved when the crews got on scene, ended up doing a defensive attack and knocking it down from the outside,” Adams said.

The Mexican consulate was contacted about the incident and consular staff were expected to arrive on scene and help the workers find housing.

It’s not clear whether the workers’ paperwork was in the building when it burned.

A fire damaged this building in Abbotsford that was used to house more than 70 migrant workers. Global News

Adams said it was a tough fire to put out — that it spread quickly with strong winds, and that it took as long as 15 minutes for the first fire crew to reach the location.

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No one was hurt.

“Even though it probably was a full loss, it was a great, great save,” Adams said.

“No other buildings were involved and the guys did a great job.”

The dormitory was empty when fire crews arrived.

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