Doug Ford pledges corporate tax cut to boost manufacturing jobs in Cobourg campaign stop

Ontario PC leader made a campaign stop in Cobourg on Wednesday afternoon. Amber Irwin/Doug Ford campaign

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford says his party will cut corporate taxes as part of a focus on bringing manufacturing jobs back to the province.

On Wednesday afternoon at Lorenz Conveying Products in Cobourg, Ford unveiled the fourth of his five priorities in his Plan For the People of Ontario. He says creating good jobs in the province comes down to reducing taxes.

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“It all starts with lower taxes, cutting red tape and regulations, and reducing hydro bills for everyone,” he said. “We need to attract businesses to Ontario, not drive them away as Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have done.”

The Ontario PCs are pledging to cut corporate tax rates from 11.5 per cent to 10.5 per cent. He claims under Liberal governments since 2003, Ontario has lost more than 300,000 well-paying manufacturing jobs.

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“These were good jobs with good benefits that gave families a good quality of life,” said Ford, who was joined with Northumberland-Peterborough South candidate David Piccini.

“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have decimated Ontario’s once-vibrant manufacturing economy and shipped jobs and manufacturing overseas. We have a plan that will stop more businesses from leaving and get our jobs back.”

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Ford — who earlier in the day made stops in Belleville and Trenton along with a meet and greet at the Cobourg Community Centre — says his party also plans to stabilize industrial hydro rates with aggressive reforms and cut “red tape and stifling regulations” which Ford says is creating challenges for businesses.

Ford also briefly spoke to reporters and when asked about the premier likening him to U.S. president Donald Trump, Ford called it a “pretty desperate” move.

In response, Liberal Northumberland-Quinte West MPP Lou Rinaldi, who is seeking re-election in the new riding, said Ford only visited sites the Liberal government helped boost and grow.

“I do appreciate the fact that he got to see first-hand all the work we have undertaken to rebuild this beautiful town after the last Conservative government tore it apart,” Rinaldi stated.

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“You don’t need me to remind you that under Harris local taxpayers were forced to pick up the costs of a number of public services the people of Northumberland rely on. It was a time when our property taxes had risen by 10 per cent or more each year. Let me be clear, our government has made significant investments so that the people of Northumberland have access to the supports and services they need and will continue to be the voice for the people here.”

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