Project Forseti informant says Hells Angels want him dead

"If I'm willing to die, they can live," said police informant Noel Harder, who was referring to his common-law spouse and two kids. / Screenshot

A police informant who is suing the federal government for not adequately protecting him says the lawsuit was a last resort.

In an interview with Global News, Noel Harder, a past affiliate of the Hells Angels and Fallen Saints, said his lawyer, Tony Merchant, asked RCMP to make good on promises to protect him, prior to taking legal action.

Harder assisted in Project Forseti, a massive raid mainly in Saskatoon that led to the arrest of nearly 20 people, more than 100 criminal charges, and the seizure of $8 million worth of drugs.

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Harder was placed in the federal witness protection program but said he may be kicked out on a non-voluntary termination (NVT) for allegedly violating the terms of his agreement with RCMP. Police allege Harder was “present in an establishment when there were approximately 100 Hells Angels and associates,” according to the lawsuit.

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“I have an option on the table to keep my family alive and … if I turn myself in and basically willingly submit to a hot shot, they’ll leave my family alone. If I’m willing to die, they can live,” Harder said from an undisclosed location.

According to Harder, he has been granted an additional 30 days to appeal the NVT.

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