Kelowna resident blames developer for flood problems

Donna Greer is living a homeowner’s nightmare.

Water began seeping into her home in Kelowna’s Black Mountain neighbourhood last week and it hasn’t stopped.

“We’ve basically been pulling some all-nighters since Thursday night,” Greer said.

Greer figures the water is coming from a development called Kirschner Mountain at the back of her property.

She has set up drainage ditches to divert the water from her property but it’s still getting into the basement.

“That’s why my sump pump goes every minute or so with a great big gush of water,” she said.

Greer said someone has to take responsibility for the problem.

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“In my opinion the developer. I think they caused the issues.”

Developer Al Kirschner said he only found out about Greer’s flooding problem on Sunday and his crews are doing everything they can to divert the water from her home.

He said the water is from an above average snow pack.

“We got 150 per cent more snow pack than normal and it’s late so it hasn’t started thawing until the last two weeks so the ground is saturated over there,” Kirschner said.

But Greer is not buying the snowpack excuse.

“This isn’t unusual for up here. We always get a lot of snow up here. We’ve had years where there was a lot more snow than this and never had issues to this degree,” she said.

Greer said Kirschner has agreed to meet and hopefully find a resolution to the problem, but in the meantime, there appears to be no end to her sleepless nights.

“We’ve had to man our wet-vacs and replace towels on average every 45 minutes to an hour, 24 hours a day,” she said.