BC SPCA treating dozens of dogs seized near Williams Lake

The BC SPCA says it seized more than 40 dogs north of Williams Lake last week. BC SPCA

The BC SPCA says it’s seized 46 dogs from a property north of Williams Lake due to lack of shelter, poor sanitation and inadequate veterinary care.

The dogs were taken from a person whose name has not been released on Feb. 22.

Spokesperson Lori Chortyk said the dogs range in age, and are American Eskimo, Border Collie, Husky and Samoyed crosses.

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Chortyk said the dogs are currently in rehab, and are taking anti-anxiety medications.

“Unfortunately, these dogs have been poorly socialized. They’ve been living outdoors [and] they’re terrified of humans, so it’s going to be a very long rehabilitation process for these dogs.”
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In a statement, the SPCA said for now, they’re focusing on reducing the animals’ distress to the point where they’re able to eat and drink, and will move on from there.

It added that if adopted, it’s likely they will have to go to specialized homes, “where the adopters understand that the dogs may never want to be touched or have close interaction with their new guardians.”

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“We’re doing everything we can and we’re hopeful that we can get them to the point where they can be adopted,” said Chortyk. “And hopefully, to homes where people do understand that they’ll likely need lifelong management and care.”

Chortyk said the investigation is ongoing, and the BC SPCA will recommend animal cruelty charges to Crown counsel in the coming weeks.

— With files from Beth Mariam

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