Spectacular lightning storm lights up Australian skies

Click to play video: 'Lightning bolts light up, zap across Australian skies' Lightning bolts light up, zap across Australian skies
WATCH: Video shows lightning during a powerful storm in Queensland light up the sky – Feb 12, 2018

Even though thousands of residents in parts of Queensland, Australia, were left without power due to a strong thunderstorm on Feb. 11, it was video of lightning strikes that had people talking.

Queensland has been dealing with a heatwave, with temperatures reaching the high 30s, according to one of the country’s local broadcasting companies, The ABC.

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The blistering heat led to a storm that brought down 500 powerlines due to strong winds. As well, local reports stated that 265,000 lightning strikes were recorded in just a few hours.

Footage uploaded to social media shows the eye-catching show that the lightning in the state brought its residents.

Video captured the memorizing lightning bolts that zapped across the sky and lit up parts of Queensland.

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Fire crews were even called to the Q1, which is the tallest building in Australia, because the skyscraper was struck multiple times by lightning.

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According to The ABC, winds during the storm reached more than 100 km/h, with roofs being torn off off homes.

Thousands of homes and businesses were left without power because of the thunderstorm.

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