TransLink Mayors’ Council unanimously renews support for Phase 2 plans

TransLink's Mayor's Council has reaffirmed its commitment to Phase 2 of the 10-year plan in a rare unanimous vote. Global News

While they wait for more transit funding from the provincial government, TransLink’s Mayors’ Council have made a rare unanimous vote to recommit to Phase 2 of TransLink’s 10-year plan.

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan, the new council Chair, said the vote was a bit redundant but did vote ‘yes’, saying despite recently publicly ruminating over the costs he’s backing the plan.

New Westminster city councillor Patrick Johnstone tweeted shortly after Derek Corrigan was elected to chair the Mayor’s Council in December that the Burnaby leader was, “The most transit-regressive Mayor,” but Corrigan said his own concerns about a funding gap is one that needs to be resolved.

“And I think I’ve been very clear that we can’t move forward unless we have the funding in place, because the legislation doesn’t allow us to. So kicking the can along the road isn’t gonna work.”

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He says he’s confident the plan will be seen through.

“I feel more confident, having talked to the ministers responsible and the Premier, that everybody is on the same page. We all want to make this come home, and we’re looking for ways to ensure that we’re doing it in a fiscally responsible manner.”

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner says she’s glad Corrigan gave his formal support.

“I think it became clear, when you looked at earlier media reports, that there was some confusion going on. But what I was delighted about today is we received for the very first time full 100 per cent unanimous support.”

The motion also calls on the Provincial Government to confirm its promise to fund 40 per cent of the plan, which includes a 30 per cent increase in rapid transit, the proposed Surrey LRT, and an increase in bus service.

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