Grade 7 ‘Game Changers’ make big donation to Kingston chapter of Autism Ontario

Grade 7 students at LaSalle Intermediate Secondary School donate over 6 thousand dollars to Autism Kingston

Greg Morrison’s grade 7 class at LaSalle Intermediate Secondary School in the Limestone City helped spearhead a fundraising campaign for the Kingston chapter of Autism Ontario.

Officials with the chapter were on hand, Monday, at the school to pick up a cheque for more than $6,000.

It’s all about ‘Game changers’ and becoming ‘An Agent of Change’  Morrison says.

“One person, no matter how small or irrelevant that they might feel in the big picture, if they work hard they can make a difference,” he said.

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The fundraiser included a Bowlathon as well as students going door to door.

Student Katherine Barnett raised two of the more than $6,000 herself. She says it’s not about the individual but rather the team.

“If we all work together and put our minds to it, we can really do anything. Just stick to it and perservere.”

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This marked the fifth year that Morrison and his class made a change for the better.