Impaired driving trend climbing high in Manitoba

Click to play video: 'Impaired driving trend climbing high in Manitoba' Impaired driving trend climbing high in Manitoba
WATCH: Winnipeg law enforcement agencies are echoing a message to motorists this holiday season - stop driving impaired. Global's Zahra Premji reports – Dec 18, 2017

Winnipeg Police and Manitoba RCMP are echoing the same message to drivers this holiday season, to make the right choice and stop driving impaired.

In week two of the Festive Season Checkstop Program, Winnipeg Police said there were 14 impaired driving-related arrests. One of which was a drug impaired driver for someone under the influence of marijuana.

But, police pulled over 500 less drivers than last year when only 10 impaired driving-related arrests occurred in the same time period in 2016.

“I don’t know why people aren’t getting the message,” Constable Stephane Fontaine with the Winnipeg Police Service said.

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The same concern is echoed by Manitoba RCMP.

In week one of the Holiday Checkstop Program, 50 people were charged with a criminal code impaired driving offence.

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In 2016, they also had fewer vehicles stopped, but more charges.

“Everyone’s trying to get the message across, and who is listening?” Sergeant Paul Manaigre with Manitoba RCMP said.

He said he’s disappointed and frustrated that drivers are making the decision to get behind the wheel while they’re impaired, even when they have so many options to keep them safe.

Operation Red Nose is one of those options.

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Randy Clark is with Operation Red Nose and has been a part of the project that gives safe rides to people during the holiday season for over five years.

“Sadly I think it’s human nature. People put themselves in a place where they’ve had a few drinks and they make the choice to drive home and it’s a bad choice,” Clark said.

Winnipeg Police Officers are doing their part, Manitoba RCMP is doing its part, Operation Red Nose and other groups around the province too, but they’re asking drivers to do their part and make the safe decision.


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