Relationship expert Susan Wenzel on how to keep it steamy this winter

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How to spice up your relationship this holiday season
WATCH: Susan Wenzel shares how to spice up your relationship this holiday season – Dec 7, 2017

WINNIPEG — The holidays are busy for everyone and can make it difficult to find alone time with your partner, but relationship expert Susan Wenzel says that’s exactly what you need to do to keep things steamy this winter. She shared some tips with Global News Morning on how to keep the fire alive in spite of the bustling holiday season.

Plan for private time with your partner

The first thing Wenzel recommends is to consciously set aside time for one another, “It’s so easy to forget each other [so] as you are planning for the holiday season, anticipate time with your partner.”

It might not sound romantic, she says, but if we can anticipate a good time with our partners we’re more likely to succeed.

Compliment your partner in public

With holiday work parties fast approaching, Wenzel says this is the perfect opportunity to show your partner how proud you are of them. She says, you should compliment your partner in front of others.

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“Just saying a few good words to your partner, about how proud you are of their work, or how helpful they are to you, shows how proud you are of them.”

Take a staycation together

Not everyone has the budget to get away this winter, so Wenzel suggests finding a family member or babysitter to watch the kids while you and your partner enjoy a staycation together even if it’s for just one night. This can be spent at a hotel in the city, or in the comfort of your own home.

Put away the phones

Wenzel says the smartphone has become the other person in the relationship. Many of her clients say they have to compete with phones and social media for their partner’s attention.

“This is so important,” says Wenzel, “I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but it is very sexy to give your full undivided attention to your partner. So the next time you’re talking to your partner, just put your phone away, don’t even put it on the table.”

Netflix and Chill together

The last thing Wenzel suggests, is to cozy up together and watch a movie at home. She says watching a film or TV show that resonates with you, will allow couples to bond with one another.

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“Quality time with your partner brings couples together.”

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