Most Albertans don’t support NDP’s bill to ban adult-only buildings: poll

The Alberta legislature. Caley Ramsay, Global News

A new poll suggests most Albertans are against a recent move by the province’s NDP government which effectively bans so-called adult-only buildings.

The poll, conducted by ThinkHQ / Metro News and released on Monday, shows 83 per cent of respondents approve of seniors-only buildings while nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) approve of buildings that prohibit children (18+ buildings.)

Alberta’s NDP approved and passed Bill 23 earlier this fall to comply with a January Court of Queen’s Bench ruling that age must be considered a prohibited ground for discrimination under Alberta’s Human Rights Act.

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The new rules go into place as of Jan. 1 but there will be a 15-year transition period for condo associations (and rentals by condo owners). The legislation also excludes “seniors buildings” (i.e. ages 55+), and allows for programs which target housing for vulnerable populations to continue.

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Think HQ said the poll data was collected through a survey of 1,314 Albertans conducted from Nov. 9 to 13.

Complete poll results can be found on ThinkHQ’s website.

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