University of Calgary students unveil practical solar car

 CALGARY- Some clever University of Calgary students have come up with a prototype for a solar car, that could actually hit the roads some day.

Schulich Delta has four wheels, room for two people and trunk space-enough for two sets of golf clubs. The idea was to develop a practical car that ordinary people could see themselves driving someday.

“This car is radically different from what we had before,” says student Miko Madamesila. “We thought, ‘let’s take it back to the roots, let’s take it back to why we’re building solar cars,’ and that’s basically to take it to someone’s garage one day, have it in your homes, and something you’d see on the roads.”

The vehicle is built for speed, reaching up to 130 kilometers an hour.

The university is entering it in the upcoming World Solar Challenge in Australia, but the team’s faculty advisor says crossing the finish line first isn’t their goal.

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“We’re out to win the journey, and the journey is moving towards more sustainable technologies in the real world, in the marketplace,” explains Dr. Lynne Cowe Falls. “And these kids have got the ideas to do that.”

Still, winning is very much on the minds of the 47 students who make up the team.

“I think we’re really going to surprise a lot of people,” Madamesila says.

The University of Calgary team has been the top Canadian team in every international race it has entered.

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