Fans of Robbie Burns’ poetry at SFU attempt to break their own world record

Today is Robbie Burns Day, and to mark the occasion, SFU is trying to break a world record.

Last year, the university’s Scottish Studies program set the world record for the longest recitation of Robbie Burns’ poetry and today, it’s trying to break its own record of four hours, nine minutes and 24 seconds.

“It is a very difficult accent to master,” says Director for Scottish Studies at SFU Leith Davis. “And I think really only people who come from Scotland and are surrounded by that accent can do it in a totally pure manner.”

The event started around ten this morning, and will run through until around three this afternoon.

Readers include — Bard on the Beach artistic director Christopher Gaze, Teresa Margaret King — a distant relative of Robbie Burns — as well as international guests who will be joining in the fun via Skype.